Payment Method



All fees are due on the day of the event. I call this method C.I.H. (check in hand). It prevents me to waste time making follow up calls and sending messages reminding that there is a past due amount. I take pride in what I do because I do it well and with the outmost respect for all the parties involved. I know this method is not for everyone, which is why many choose to call one of the many agencies that are earnestly waiting to send you a mediocre, unprepared and mere bilingual person that would appear to get the job done. I profusely refuse to offer such mediocre service. In regard to the knowledge of language the extra mile is not an option, it is an obligation.


Please have payment ready on the day of the event.


Conferences, Lump sums, Medical Examinations, Recorded Statements:


  • $200


Depositions, Examinations Under Oath, Arbitrations , Hearings, Mediations, Attorney-Client meetings:


  • $250 for the first two hours
  • $80 per hour after the first two hours